Why Brokers Are More Important Than Ever

Last year, we kept you informed of the changing financial landscape because of the Royal Banking Commission (RBC). Amongst some of the proposed changes is the idea that banks no longer need to shoulder the financial burden of borrowers using a broker. Instead, the onus will fall on the you, the borrower. In the case of mortgages, this can mean paying as much as $10,000 to use a broker.

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What You Can Do to Increase Property Equity

If you’re looking to invest in real estate, equity makes it easier for you. Whether you’re a homeowner or you’ve already acquired an investment property, the equity you’ve built up can be used to purchase your next piece of real estate.

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Here is what the Banking Royal Commission means for your loan application

In May, we put out an announcement about the Banking Royal Commission and how mortgage brokers, with a few exceptions, have basically been doing the right thing all along. While this is still the case, it has become clear that the lenders have been less than transparent about their dealings with brokers and clients and have been slack in their diligence.

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