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Clever Finance Solutions Loan Success Stories: Jessica

Loan success story

Doing anything alone can be daunting and uncertain. Buying a house or investing in property on your own can be even scarier because you know the bank is looking solely at you and what you bring to the table, rather than the supplementation that comes with a partnership.

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Clever Finance Solutions Loan Success Stories: Constance and Bill

Loan success story Australia

With the new financial year well under way, and the effects of the Banking Royal Commission still rippling through the sector, it’s an interesting time for anyone to be refinancing, applying for new loans, and generally trying to convince the banks they’ve got what it takes to pay their loans back.

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Clever Finance Solutions Loan Success Stories: Phyllis and Vicki

Phyllis and Vicki have been investing in property for many years and now not only have their own home but four investment properties worth over $2 million as well. Their last deal involved buying a block of land and building a duplex (a dwelling having apartments with separate entrances for two or more households), which was then subdivided upon completion into separate titles and rented out. They still retain those properties but were keen to do the same again as they expanded their investment portfolio.

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Clever Finance Solutions Loan Success Stories: Shane and Deborah

Everyone hopes their loan application process is going to be quick and easy, and for some people it is. They are straightforward applicants—full-time employees working for someone else, and have a 20% deposit or more. However, the majority of the population are not cookie-cutter applicants, and this next client certainly isn’t.

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Clever Finance Solutions Loan Success Stories: John and Lisa

With the emergence of fintech, there are several companies that are now able to assess your loan application within 22 minutes. That’s a seriously quick turnaround and great if you’re got a property that you just must have right now.

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