How The Labor Party’s Negative Gearing Changes Will Affect the Property Market

How The Labor Party’s Proposed Negative Gearing Changes Will Affect the Housing and Rental Markets

Negative gearing isn’t a new practice, but it’s gained lots of attention lately due to The Labor Party’s proposed reforms. For those who invest in properties for resale or rental purposes, negative gearing involves making a loss on an investment to attract tax benefits.

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It’s Never Too Late to Enter Property Investment

It’s Never Too Late to Enter Property Investment

Are you itching to have another way of securing additional income or a change in career? Whether you’re in your 20s, 50s, or somewhere in between, it’s not too late to enter the property investment market. As a profitable way to make money in the present while also securing your financial future, property investment is a great option for financially-savvy people of all ages.

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Don’t get outfoxed: a quick guide to property valuations

Information is power. Knowing how much a property is worth can help you secure a great price during negotiations. Read more

The house price fall we had to have: Deloitte

It may seem as though every time you open a newspaper there’s another story about the sky falling in on the property market. But here’s why it’s being labelled the “house price fall we had to have”. Read more

Keen for a sea change? Beat the Millennial rush

Buying a house by the sea in a little known coastal town is no longer reserved for retirees. New research shows that those flocking to coastal towns are now predominately young families. Read more