Having a managing agent vs doing it yourself

One of the biggest milestones you’ll encounter on your climb up the property ladder is becoming a landlord. Which means that one big decision you’ll face is whether to hire the services of a managing agent, or take on the responsibility yourself. Read more

How Property Investment Can Lead to a Financially Secure Retirement

How Property Investment Can Lead to a Financially Secure Retirement

No matter how old you are, planning for retirement should be close to the forefront of life planning. When thinking of retirement, most of us want to have enough financial capability so we can relax and enjoy it. We don’t want to think about working again or being a financial burden on current or future children.

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Property round up: NSW overhauls stamp duty, NAB increases rates

There’s been a couple of fairly big property-related announcements recently, including a stamp duty overhaul in NSW and NAB increasing interest rates. Let’s break down what they could mean for you. Read more

Farewell negative gearing and CGT discount?

You’ve probably seen ‘negative gearing’ and ‘capital gains tax’ in the news recently. That’s because they’re set to become hot topics ahead of the next federal election. Today we’ll take a look at both. Read more


Choosing the right investment ownership model

We all know that choosing the perfect investment and getting the timing right are both critical. What people often overlook, however, is selecting the right investment ownership model. Read more