Confusing Credit Card Terms (and What They Mean)

Many people have a credit card. They’re convenient, meaning you don’t have to carry around cash, let you borrow money instantly, and also offer benefits such as fraud protection, travel insurance, and rewards programs.

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How to be savvy with your Credit Cards

Did you know that Australians owe about $32 billion in credit card debt? Divide this to each credit card holder in Australia and that amount comes to about $4300 per person.

These tiny plastic cards that enable payment for goods and services, have made them one of the most useful financial instruments ever invented. However, as convenient as a credit card is for making payments, they are equally risky propositions that could spiral you into debt if you are not savvy about using it.

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More NZ Banking changes that effect property investors

Mum and Dad property investors could be hit by the next raft of clampdowns on mortgage lending from the Reserve Bank. Read more

Mortgage offset accounts, are they worth it?

Offset accounts are an established and attractive feature of many home loans today – but are they really worth having and will you actually benefit?

The answer depends on your actual money habits and what happens once you buy the property and settle into your new budget. You might find it either works well or is a waste of time and money.

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Superannuation fund enters property lending

Funding options for building societies have broadened with superannuation fund AustralianSuper’s entry into commercial property lending, according to The Australian Financial Review.

AustralianSuper – the country’s largest superannuation fund, with $32 billion under management – has agreed to lend $200 million to a property debt portfolio controlled by Challenger Financial Services Group, and is seeking to increase its property lending portfolio, the paper reports.

“This is the first step we’ve taken to what we think could be a new asset class for superannuation investors,” AustralianSuper chief investment officer Mark Delaney told the AFR.

Mr Delaney said the fund is optimistic on the outlook for the country’s property sector.

“We quite like property because in the current environment because property prices have come down,” he told the paper.

“Cap rates are up substantially. The Australian market is recovering slowly.”

“It’s a good time to invest in property so we’re not worried about property values.”