Switching to a Career in Property Investment? Here’s What You Should Do

Switching to a Career in Property Investment? Here’s What You Should Do

Quitting your day job to become a full-time property investor is feasible, but only when you engage in thorough preparation. When you do things right, property investment will be a lucrative career that provides financial security now and in the years to come.

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New Year, New You!

Each year we make New Year’s resolutions that focus on our health and wellbeing. But how often do we think about improving our finances? Here are five financial New Year’s resolutions that could help you start 2019 with a bang! Read more

7 school holiday ideas that won’t break the bank

We’re midway through January and you’ve managed to stay sane. Well, we hope so anyway! Here are seven budget-friendly ideas that’ll help keep the kids off their screens throughout the last two weeks of school holidays. Read more

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Clever Finance Solutions Loan Success Stories: Jessica

Loan success story

Doing anything alone can be daunting and uncertain. Buying a house or investing in property on your own can be even scarier because you know the bank is looking solely at you and what you bring to the table, rather than the supplementation that comes with a partnership.

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Is your interest-only loan about to end?

It’s the end of the road for 900,000 borrowers on interest-only loans, as they’ll be automatically switched to principal and interest loans this year. Now’s the time to check whether or not you should start considering other options. Read more