The many hats we wear

Actors act. Cleaners clean. Taxi drivers drive taxis. Mortgage brokers? Well, we don’t just do mortgages. Here are the other aspects of your life we can help with when it comes to your financing options. Read more

What the 2019 federal budget means for your family’s finances

With a federal election due in May, the 2019 federal budget is more a series of election promises than it is a set-in-stone budget. That aside, here are some of the more interesting talking points and what they’ll mean for your family’s monthly budget. Read more

How The Labor Party’s Negative Gearing Changes Will Affect the Property Market

How The Labor Party’s Proposed Negative Gearing Changes Will Affect the Housing and Rental Markets

Negative gearing isn’t a new practice, but it’s gained lots of attention lately due to The Labor Party’s proposed reforms. For those who invest in properties for resale or rental purposes, negative gearing involves making a loss on an investment to attract tax benefits.

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Why It’s Smart to Diversify Your Property Investment Portfolio

Why It’s Smart to Diversify Your Property Investment Portfolio

Having a high-performing portfolio is a great way to achieve success as a property investor. Carefully choosing and managing properties can provide steady income in the form of rent, or they can be sold off later when you need to pay for a larger purchase such as sending a child to university or buying another property to expand your portfolio.

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Top 5 tips for standing out on Airbnb

The short term rental market is booming. Each year, tens of thousands of Australians list their properties on Airbnb to make a tidy buck on the side. Here are our top five tips on how to stand head and shoulders above your competition…00 Read more