The old days of being able to easily quote an interest rate are gone. It now depends on the Loan to Value Ratio (LVR), the loan purpose (owner-occupied or investment use), the repayment type (interest-only or principal and interest), and, to a degree, your credit rating.

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This sounds like something Scrooge would say but setting a budget can be helpful, especially during the holidays. Allocating how much to spend on presents, food, decorations, and parties not only reduces your anxiety around holiday spending but also gives you a goal of how much saving you need to do beforehand.

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Many people have a credit card. They’re convenient, meaning you don’t have to carry around cash, let you borrow money instantly, and also offer benefits such as fraud protection, travel insurance, and rewards programs.

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Did you know that Australians owe about $32 billion in credit card debt? Divide this to each credit card holder in Australia and that amount comes to about $4300 per person.

These tiny plastic cards that enable payment for goods and services, have made them one of the most useful financial instruments ever invented. However, as convenient as a credit card is for making payments, they are equally risky propositions that could spiral you into debt if you are not savvy about using it.

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Mum and Dad property investors could be hit by the next raft of clampdowns on mortgage lending from the Reserve Bank. Read more