Going From Zero to Hero – Featuring Esme Chin

Esme Chin’s journey as a property investor is one that embodies courage to rise above her personal struggles. Having to deal with the loss of her business and the end of her 20-year old marriage, Esme also overcame depression to start her life afresh and make a successful living through property investment. As a testimony to her success, Esme has been voted the second runner-up for ‘2015 Investor of the Year’ Award by Your Investment Property Magazine.
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Understanding Property Titles

A property title is a legal document that indicates the owner’s right to possession or ownership of the property. Whether you are new to property investing or an experienced investor, it never hurts to gain more tips on investments you are making and likewise, know more about the type of property that you are purchasing. Read more

How to be savvy with your Credit Cards

Did you know that Australians owe about $32 billion in credit card debt? Divide this to each credit card holder in Australia and that amount comes to about $4300 per person.

These tiny plastic cards that enable payment for goods and services, have made them one of the most useful financial instruments ever invented. However, as convenient as a credit card is for making payments, they are equally risky propositions that could spiral you into debt if you are not savvy about using it.

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How to be a smart investor – Tips for new property investors

Buying property continues to be one of the most popular options for investment. Turning this dream of owning real estate into reality however, is a process that requires good thinking and careful planning mainly because of the large amount of money involved. While the Australian real estate market was quite aggressive in 2015, a cool off is expected for 2016. While the potential for consistent pricing would provide a great opportunity to invest in property, one should still never rush into a deal. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you invest your money. Read more

People missing out on capital gains

This is a terrible story, people who have taken the risk of buying off the plan for the SkyPoint Towers in John Street, Lidcombe, were told last week their apartments are to be reconfigured. Read more