The Downside of Recent Credit Card Reforms

In June this year, there was a general announcement that there would be fairly significant reforms to all credit cards. What ensued was an uncertain and garbled series of explanations about what it meant for credit card holders and most of us not in the financial institutions were left scratching our heads. It has only been in the last few weeks that lenders have clarified how this will affect consumers and made this clearer.

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A big four bank almost overhauled its broker remuneration model so that the cost of mortgage broking services would be transferred to the customer, the royal commission heard. Here’s how to prevent that from happening. Read more

Every Christmas almost half of the Australian population decides to go swimming in credit card debt to get through the festive season. But there’s two big reasons why you shouldn’t do that this year. Read more

Borrowers who don’t shop around due to the banks’ unclear pricing tactics are losing out on an average of $850 a year, an ACCC report has found. Read more

Financial Forecasts and Property Market Predictions for 2019

Last year we did our first predictions blog and it was mostly correct. So, we thought we’d give our dear Founder and Director Barry another crack at looking into his crystal ball to see if he could be right for the second year in a row (this is not to be used forever more in arguments with his wife, however).

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