New Capital Gains Tax introduced in the UK for overseas investors

A Capital Gains Tax (CGT) has been introduced in the United Kingdom by Chancellor George Osborne for foreigners who own property but do not reside there. Read more


It seems that the majority of property investors are more comfortable investing in residential properties compared to commercial properties. Most investors feel that they are more knowledgeable in the residential sector as more often than not investors have experienced residential purchases first hand. The majority of people would purchase a home to live in before purchasing an investment property. We also like to think that we have some knowledge about the region in which we live and the values of properties that surround us. But if I asked you about the value of the local fish and chip shop, where would you start?

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New infrastructure: Sydney areas to benefit

In the latest McGrath Report for Spring, we have outlined the five  most important infrastructure projects in Sydney and Brisbane that are  likely to impact property prices.

We  chose to run a dedicated section on this because there are several  significant projects underway and there is probably more to come with  our Prime Minister declaring he wants to be known as the “Infrastructure  PM”. We believe that new infrastructure will be a major catalyst for  price growth in pockets of both regions.

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Landlord rules overhauled in Tasmania – likely to commence July 1st 2014

Landlord obligations will severely tighten in Tasmania following amendments to the Residential Tenancy Act being passed by parliament last month.

Landlords are now barred from increasing rents in six month intervals, are required to maintain tenanted properties to a minimum level and must give tenants six weeks notice of eviction.

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House, rental prices fall in Perth says the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia

THE average house price in Perth fell by about $14,000 in the September quarter, and rental prices have also eased, the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia says. REIWA says the metropolitan median house price for September decreased by 2.8 per cent to about $508,000, down from the revised June quarter median of $522,500.

President David Airey said the data was unsurprising given strong first home buyer activity at the more affordable end of the market was pulling down the average. But with first home buyer activity starting to slow, he expected prices to rise again in the December quarter.

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